June 25th, 2006



I don't get tagged in memes very often, mostly I think because my friends are all ultra-egalitarian and don't want to tag those who don't want to post nor skip those who might have wanted to be tagged.

but zyrc took the plunge.

this here's the meme:

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your livejournal along with your 7 songs. Then tag 7 other people to see what they're listening to.

I have to look up itunes on this one because I've been playing my "new and good" list on shuffle and I am enjoying some tunes that I'm not exactly certain of who is making each of them.

I do know this:

1. "Breathe" -- Richard Butler
2. tie between "Broken Aeroplanes" and "Nothing's Wrong" also by Richard Butler (can't have him taking up three whole slots)

the rest I have to look up:

3. "Descending" -- Aereogramme
4. "Gone (Live)" -- M83
5. "1" -- Bohren & Der Club of Gore
6. "Heart Ache" -- Jesu
7. "Home" -- Engineers

I'm going to be like the rest of my friends and tag anyone who wants to show off their obscure musical expertise or their shameless pop addiction.
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big day

ever have a gay pride day that you just don't feel like making? I'm not sure how much energy I can put into this one but I haven't missed one in something like 23 years so I suppose I will dutifully get out there and take my photos and meet up with one or two friends and then flee when I can't take it anymore.

I'd like to sit here and read and work on my website but there are at least two people I am trying to meet up with of course on the other hand if they call my cellphone and I'm here in my house what can they do. they still get to see the parade; they just don't get to see me.

can't explain why I'm not feeling the love this year although if I went down there it would probably be better but I just don't know. these days I'm so busy that I feel very jealous of my time off and really, given the comparative sizes and numbers of people watching, the tranny march was more important anyway. everyone will be at this parade even if I'm not.

I know I'd be missing great photo ops but that's just the way it goes. perhaps I'll go to the folsom street fair, which I usually miss, this year. it's more interesting in an obscene sort of way anyway.
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there. I just more or less gracefully extracted myself from social commitments and now I am free to stay home and entertain myself today. I hope everyone else enjoys the parade and that someone takes pictures of the best colorful idea of the year for me. last year it was people wearing "wings" of many long, brightly colored balloons gathered together at the shoulders and back. I took pictures but finding them in my iPhoto library could take some hours. I really need to clean it out of inferior shots but I hate throwing anything away.

so I guess I will sit and then see what I want to do with my suddenly wide open day.
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how can it be that I eat something and find myself shakier and hungrier after I eat it? it's not like it was a big piece of chocolate cake either; it was a store-bought burrito with pinto beans and cheese and rice.

I feel like I'm having hot flashes. it may simply be that I waited too long to eat, ate too fast, and am now waiting for my brain and body to catch up with each other.

"what's that you say? he ate something? ok hold on"
::valves opening and closing, neurons firing and going quiet::

anytime now would be fine.
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