June 26th, 2006



I went out with my extra big grocery bag/man purse about two hours ago and by the time I got home I was completely soaking wet from head to toe with sweat. drenched all layers of clothing except my pants.

now the fog seems to have come in and the temperature has dropped 10 degrees.

there are certain things I really dislike about living in the mission in the summer. you can be fairly sure that at some point in the day it's going to clear up and be hot. this could last ten minutes; it could last eight hours. then when the fog comes back you'd better hope you took a jacket with you because all that sweat you worked up in the heat is going to send you into hypothermia when the seabreeze picks up. on the other hand, if you go out prepared for this eventuality, you will probably overheat until the fog sees fit to come and relieve you.

I need wrinkle free jackets that I can store in my man purse. unfortunately most of these are made out of fabrics I would not be caught dead in. forest green microfiber, for instance. huh-uh.

anyway I have an appointment at 5 that I should start walking towards in about half an hour leaving me with half an hour to do nothing. it is not enough time to work on any project. it is not enough time to start reading a book, which would put me to sleep in any case.

I've read my friends page. I've forgotten my myspace password. I didn't get in any arguments today. I can't think of anything particularly interesting to say here. I am trying to avoid pissing away my graduation gift $ on ebay or zappos.

I guess I could just look up categories of cameras and computers and browse. always dangerous when you spy that 'buy-it-now' item that ends in three minutes.
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cat envy

you know what I really wish I could do that my cats can do? curl up wherever they happen to be and fall dead asleep.

I have to:
change out of dayclothes into nightclothes
remove glasses and all jewelry
take my pills
give jackson his pills
brush my teeth
check to see that there is coffee for morning
pee one last time to forestall getting up in the middle of the night
climb up to bed
check the alarm clock that it will ring at a reasonable hour
fluff the pillow
realign the blankets so that they will cover me head to toe
count sheep

can you blame me for falling asleep in my chair? once the decision to go to bed is made, the way is strewn with so many obstacles its amazing that I ever make it up there.

time to go to bed.
look at that list.
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