June 29th, 2006


any time would be fine

to calibrate a new laptop battery you charge it for at least 12 hours and then you run on battery power until your machine puts itself to sleep. now I shop at Other World Computing where they sell batteries that last longer than original equipment batteries. so about half an hour ago I got a warning telling me that my battery was low but you are supposed to ignore that and keep going till your laptop sleeps and now I have the screen turned up to full brightness and I am printing documents and viewing flash animations on the web and the damned thing won't go to sleep!

the little battery icon in the menu bar has had a little sliver of red left in it this whole time but still no sign of sleep. I could, of course, give up and try calibrating it tomorrow but you know I like to get geeky things done whenever possible.

so um. I want to go for a walk up to the castro where they sell the burritos I like (the grocery store kind, not the taqueria kind, which as we all know I grew tired of after a scant eight years of eating the same thing every single night) and just to get a little air. I wonder when I will get to leave.

now I am deleting a bunch of things from an external hard drive. still not a blink. it is slowing down my cursor but still isn't draining the battery. I guess it's a good battery.
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I give up. I've set it to not go to sleep at all so it won't until the battery says it has to.

I'm going out now.
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ghost spam

my least favorite kind of spam is that which shows up with no subject, no date or time, no recipient except for your bare email address, and no sender.

where does this spam come from? is it a hiccup in an autospammer in which the thing forgets to fill anything in?

the reason I hate this spam is that it is perhaps the least gratifying mail message one can get. you get no bizarre subject, for instance, which although I know the subjects never go with the body in spam, I normally peruse with interest, often opening those messages with the most randomly meaningful subject headings, hoping to see something equally absurd and sublime inside and although that never ever happens at least I get to hope it will.

I almost always open the blank ones. I don't know why. it seems to me though that a plain wrapper ought to contain something so I always look to see what it is and it is always nothing. this makes them also the most disappointing of spam. not that spam message bodies are particularly exciting, but it is always at least a question of what variety of spam you are getting before you open it. with the blank ones there's never any question. it's going to be blank. still I open it. still it's blank.

I sigh.

it's not even the empty signifier which connotes lack and enflames nostalgic longing. it's no signifier at all. it is lack in the place of the signifier which in an odd way should make me happy about the return of the negative to contest the positive but it does not. I don't find blank spam revolutionary although I suppose it could be or at least subversive.

perhaps I will start forwarding my blank spam to you, my friends. I'm not certain what purpose this could serve, but it strikes me as the zen thing to do. which could be the very reason why.
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sneaking up on the bed

so that thing about how I wish I could just curl up and drop dead asleep wherever and whenever I felt like it?

no I didn't figure out a way to do it. but I have noticed that if you spread throughout the evening the things you have to do before going to bed it becomes not nearly the gargantuan task it once was when you are finally tired enough to want to go to bed.

because that is the problem really: by the time you want to go to bed, you are too tired to do the half-million things you have to do before going to bed.

why I've managed to do everything but brush my teeth and set up the coffeemaker.

and pee of course, but you can't do that ahead of time. how many times we have tried, before heading out for a long drive between restrooms, to get rid of the beer or the coffee we drank so quickly just moments ago. it never works. in fact I think the extra attention given to the bladder just makes it begin to tug at you that much earlier into the trip. I always have to pee worse at the beginning of a long movie than at the end, whether or not I get up to go in between.

anyway I must go take care of those last few things now before I fall asleep at my desk. as there is no head support on this chair, whiplash is always a possible hazard.
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