July 9th, 2006


neat freak

remember when organizing your music collection meant alphabetizing your records? (actually I didn't alphabetize mine at all but ordered them in an idiosyncratic way that made sense to me in a sort of evolutionary fashion. when I met lisagail and we discovered that we ordered our record collections in the same way, we knew we were going to know each other a very long time)

I've been trying to get everything labeled with consistent genres and organize things such that my smart playlists will tell me when I've been neglecting songs that I like and when I haven't heard something I downloaded months ago and it's taken a good six hours and I'm not done. but it's midnight and I will disintegrate if I stay up any later.

nighty night.
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I just dropped a piece of burning cedar resin on my finger.

it hurt. I slathered on the aloe vera but it still hurts.

I didn't know meditating was so hazardous.

I'm thinking band-aid soaked with aloe.

edit: it was cool though: for a moment I had a tiny torch on the end of a paper clip! whereupon I found out that burning resin won't remain stuck to a paperclip.
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