July 11th, 2006


yeah so I'm twelve

felipe is teaching intro to legal discourse and is teaching the students to write briefs but every time the word comes up I begin to giggle uncontrollably. just now I realized I'm going to have to ask him if, as the reader for the class, I am to examine their briefs and I fear this will set off a most unprofessional fit of tittering.

so far no one in the class has made a guffaw at the term so clearly my emotional age is beneath that of your average berkeley junior or senior.

in a conversation we had briefly after class I came to realize how much I must have changed from the shy young dyke I was when we met to the bearded eccentric cynical old man I am now. one day I would like to have a serious conversation with the man, but we both have defaults of sarcastic irony and the banter tends to get in the way.
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