July 14th, 2006


double dipping

well I had to change the section I am teaching at USF this fall, but I have a class to teach at the Art Institute now! two composition classes shouldn't be too bad, although I can't make them identical because the two schools have vastly different pedagogical methods for this particular area.

I guess though that I will be grading a lot of papers either way.

I'm not altogether sure I want to teach two classes at once but I think for safety's sake I should at least do so for a semester to see how the income outweighs the anxiety. once my dissertation is finished I will be basically trying out different configurations of income until I find one that suits me and gives me time to write my own stuff which is neither wholly academic nor wholly poetic nor wholly autobiographical although that last is pretty much the premise for the not wholly other two.

also once the diss is done I can look into alternative methods of making money such that perhaps I could teach one class and do other things for the rest of my spending habits.

tomorrow then my workweek begins and I'm concentrating on writing until someone from one of the other summer projects gives me a sign. if I work hard I could finish in a week, I think. seriously, if I wrote every day. that's hard to do though. will see what unfolds, but I need to get done already as summer is running out.

I'm not sure I will file in august in any case so I have to see what my options are regarding filing fee versus tuition and what it means for registration and student benefits. I keep forgetting to ask Maxine about these things when I am in on Tuesdays so must get this information next week.

suddenly my world is exploding with things to do. here I am taking a day off. it's a little anxiety-provoking, but days off are essential, I think. tomorrow I will harness the anxiety to get a bunch done. I hope.
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