July 17th, 2006


sleeping strategies

my nap only lasted two and a half hours today and getting up at 7 meant I got more done prior to the nap so hopefully with my shot this morning the compulsive napping will knock it off for a few days.

I mean I wouldn't be opposed to this whole napping thing if they were reasonable, 1- to 2-hour naps that produced a fully refreshed me after that short of a time. as is, I wake up 2 hours into it and I feel like I'm drugged and can't keep my eyes open long enough even to conceive of a cup of coffee. for awhile coming in here to the uncomfortable (for sleeping--perfectly comfortable for typing) chair helped to keep the naps down, but these days I just wake up with the laptop touchpad imprinted in my forehead. I've slept here in a patented compressed-spine position for just as many hours as I've slept out there.

but so anyway. the stein is reaching that sloggy point where she stops actually telling a story and begins to repeat herself every time her train of thought leans oh-so-slightly in the direction of something she's already said which, although it is one of the theoretically interesting things about her prose, can produce the textual equivalent of a train car gently rocking back and forth and producing the muted klackety-klack that you get in a modern sleeping car.

not that this is a bad thing and not to say it is boring thus. only rhythmically relaxing which gives a consciousness-challenged person such as myself a run for my money.

I also graded some papers and read some cases. talked to the dept chair at the art institute and she seemed fairly breezy and unworried about when I got my reading list in but on the other hand she's not the person who does all the book ordering. the original theme of the class was 'memory and the past as commodity' which I think I will construe widely as cultural memory and the historical object: myth, history, narrative. or something like that. I will downplay the trauma relation although not leave it out altogether. might make them watch hiroshima mon amour and read half of maus but the rest could be less depressing.

I have to come up with texts for 17-year-old artists. this actually could be the hard part but I will try to scour the web for cultural objects that are not necessarily academic ones.

in any case I don't feel under the gun on this.

as for my summer projects which have half-materialized, I need to find out soon if the pedagogy site is a go and if I get money for it, which I need to pay august rent and july domain name parking. I get paid for reading for this class on the first, but not a whole hell of a lot.

always waiting for riches. waiting. and waiting.
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vacation. sort of.

note to those who might find this notable:

I will be in seattle aug 13-22. it might turn out to be something of a working vacation but I badly badly need to get out of town and I must go visit grandma who will be 96 if she makes it to october. she said she'd live long enough to see me get my phd. I won't officially get it till december if I file between now and then. but still I'm getting a little worried. she's actually in decent health, but at this age anything can just stop working.
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