July 20th, 2006


fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

so I've got the pedagogy site where it runs beautifully on my laptop and once I put it on the rhetoric server I had to screw around with a couple of things and then it worked and now for no reason I can ascertain not only is it not working but the server won't let me ssh into it to do anything so in order to fix anything at all I have to be over there.

I guess I could bug alex. he's the guy that we basically had to threaten with bodily harm before he gave me an admin account after nine months of asking.

anyway this is important to me as I have no money now and there is money sitting behind this project waiting to be funnelled into my pocket but as long as the thing doesn't work who's going to pay me for it?

grumble grumble grumble.
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it's hot out here in the east bay but actually not as hot as my home in the mission district.

the problem with the pedagogy site was, as always, small and thus easy to fix but hard to find. it's almost always an uncommented line in a config file or an incorrectly entered ip address or a directory or file permissions problem all of which are fixable in an instant but they don't wave flags saying here! here is the problem!

well. maybe I can find out whether I've done a good job and deserve a little cash for the effort. I hope so. I'm out of money. I swear I think it's my cereal and milk habit--the only things I've spent money on in the last couple of weeks have been groceries and bus fare and my account has shrunk by $200.

maybe I need to find another source of fiber and protein? most likely what I really need is another source of income. but I'm working all the damned time! I liked it better when every hour was rewarded with a dollar amount.
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