July 21st, 2006



yeah. it's hot. I just had to run a little errand that involved about a mile and a half of walking and I stayed on the shady side of the street and was soaking wet when I got back home. I bought two liters of fizzy water instead of the usual one as one was not enough yesterday and I was reduced to drinking filtered tap water with no bubble.

I'm technically due for a day off today and tomorrow but I think I'm going to try to get a little work done today. I'm feeling a little drowsy but maybe if I do some jumping jacks I could get through a little more stein.

there are also other things that need doing that I need not to forget about. how about a list.

1 get response papers from website, email felipe which ones I took
2 think about readings for art institute class
3 look into syllabi for usf
4 redesign website for gender consortium
5 ask gee gee for loan, job, and progress report
6 continue to develop pedagogy site

these are all things to do besides finish dissertation of course.
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