July 22nd, 2006


exercising your futility

I have to get moving earlier in the day, especially for however long this heatwave is set to last. there simply is no way to stay awake when reading soothing, repetitive prose on a hot afternoon at 2pm, even in a relatively cool room with the fan on.

oh I tried. for four hours I tried but I spent three-quarters of that time asleep. mostly it was me struggling to read for about five minutes followed by a spontaneous and completely involuntary 50-minute nap. I did make it through a few pages at first, but once this cycle got started I read the same paragraph over and over; one moment I'd be about halfway through and the next I'd be waking up when the book fell to the floor and I had developed deep imprints of the furniture and/or my sandals on my bare, swollen legs.

(they're still swollen, but there's no reason why so I think I'm going on a diuretic. will find out tuesday when I see my doc.)

I put my fizzy water back in the fridge to cool it off again and came in here where the sun is just disappearing from the window and my laptop feels like a radiator.

I'm wearing nothing but boxers. I thought it would be a nice present to my housemate and her girlfriend if I showered before running around in only boxers and I needed to shave my head so I washed my head first and started shaving it and found out that if you shave your head in 90F heat you will sweat a lot while you are doing it, making the little clipped hairs stick to your skull--not to mention the rest of your body--making it impossible to see how good a job you are doing. I grabbed my little fan from in here and put it on the back of the toilet so I could lean over and blow the sweat away every five minutes or so. I think I managed to get everything ok. it's too hot to travel all the way to a mirror to look.

ah! the weather underground says "Tomorrow is forecast to be 6° Cooler than today." going by their usual understatement of the facts, I'll take that to mean "15º cooler." when you offer a forecast for the whole city, should you predict the high anticipated at the beach, or downtown, or in the hottest neighborhood? I realize most cities don't have our microclimates, but I find the weather underground's high temperature predictions quite fanciful most of the time. today the high was supposed to be 83F. according to the more accurate weather station nearby, it hit 100F this side of Twin Peaks.

the one that I'm sure they keep in a tiny greenhouse on the south side of the building claims 107F. I'm not sure wheither to buy that one. downtown hit 95F. shit. no wonder I slept through it.

the humidity is at a relatively decent 40%. I remember 100F at 90% humidity. this sucks, but that sucks worse.
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