July 23rd, 2006



weather underground has revised its forecast to say that it will be 3º cooler today.

having just gone out to get supplies for the day, I have to say I'm somewhat sceptical. I think in this case what they mean is that it might be 3F cooler than yesterday's actual high of an average of 97.5 but they are still stubbornly sticking to their prediction of a mere 80 degrees. what's that link say? at 9:30 it read 77F.

in any case I have to go back out later to pick up the rx I was hoping to pick up just now but walgreens pharmacy doesn't open till 10 on sundays so I will wait until about 4 because they close at 5. it won't be exactly past the heat of the day but it will be better than, say, 2:30. until then it's me in my underwear in front of the fan doing various kinds of work. I wonder if I should read stein in the morning and let something else struggle to keep me awake in the afternoon.

can I just say that for all the evil they probably do in the world as a big american bank, wells fargo is happy to lend you whatever cash you need when your balance is in the red. they charge you for this, but not as much as a credit card would. without this nice feature I would not be able to afford my pills of which I have left one whole one and three little pieces of one. isn't that nice of them. I wonder if they will pay for my domain name registration next week. I was told that I'll be paid 'soon' but 'soon' usually works out to a random number of days between 1 and 15. I'm fairly, but not completely, certain that by aug 5 I will have enough to pay the rent.

I am going to meditate now and test the mettle of this morning's coffee.
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I managed to read stein for an hour and a half without falling asleep, but I did come close a few times. I really need to get through more of it but I'm hoping the urge to slumber wanes as the afternoon progresses. usually by 4 I'm a little more awake, unless, of course, I am in the middle of a nap.

maybe I should start working all night and sleeping all day. given that I can already almost sleep all day it would be relatively easy to shift my few productive hours over to between 6pm and 2am.

either that or I should procure a stationary bicycle and ride it while working. all day. 12 hours on the bike, reading or writing. I could put a bracket on it to hold my laptop. I'd be in tip-top shape by fall!

well let's see what I can do to keep the afternoon lively. given the spontaneity of my naps I should probably set my phone to beep at 3:30 so I can get to walgreens before the pharmacy closes.

maybe a few laps up and down the hall.
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um. it's hot.

if it's 92F in my neighborhood and 73F on the top of twin peaks, is it worth the possible heat stroke to climb up there and enjoy the breeze?

no I don't think so either. in fact I have to put on pants and go up to walgreens in a minute. I just need to choose whatever shirt I don't mind having soaking wet by the time I return. I don't really do shorts. every now and again I try but the blinding white legs just do not look good sticking out from the bottom of a pair of short pants.

and looking good is always preferable to feeling good.

part of my reading today (for the class I'm the paper-grader for) was the Bowers v Hardwick Supreme Court Decision of 1986. for those unclear on their queer history, this was the one regarding GA sodomy laws where the boneheaded majority decided that "homosexuals do not enjoy a constitutional right to commit sodomy in the privacy of their own homes" whereas the dissenting minority wrote two separate opinions that kicked the actual decision's ass from here to texas.

google it sometime. it's public record.
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days end

there is a surprisingly cool breeze coming through the windows but I don't yet see the fog that wunderground says is coming. I don't have an expansive view of the city, but if you look between the two buildings in front of us you can see a slice of the twin peaks area and I don't see no fog. that's usually where it gets backed up and starts cascading down the hills in one of the most wondrous displays of nature especially when it's been this hot.

the golden gate bridge doesn't look promising either, although I imagine that standing in the middle of it right about now would feel really nice.

the cats are flaked out under the window through which the breeze occasionally wafts, thanking whatever gods they believe in for the relief. for all I know they think I'm responsible for the whole damned thing. or maybe they see that I'm just a big dumb monkey strong enough to open the food bin.

I found an ah-ha point in stein and stopped reading just past that point to pick up tomorrow. it seems that if I stay awake till 4 my body itself wakes back up too and I can do a little more work. this is of course the oldest folklore there is about the human rhythm for moving through the day and given so many generations of ancestors were from a hot place it makes sense that I want to sleep at 2pm but it just doesn't suit my schedule. being willing to work from 4 to 7 is helpful though. I just want those two hours too. I'm greedy. I have too much to do.
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