July 25th, 2006


do something day!

it hasn't been a total loss, today. I did manage to borrow enough money to set my bank account back over to the plus side for at least a little while while the offices upstairs and downstairs in dwinelle figure out who 'owns' me so all can pay me like they promised. I should never have pimped myself out to women's studies--they've taken control of my HR file, apparently.

I did not get the xeroxed copies of the articles in the textbooks because felipe was nowhere to be found and I had to leave before class started in order that I could come back here, set down my heavy bag, strip naked and sit in front of the fan for five minutes before I must run off to the clinic to talk more about why my legs are swollen (don't know) and what to do about it (diuretic, possibly). I thought it would be good to change my socks too, for freshness upon examination.

so in between looking for felipe and borrowing money and riding bart back and forth I haven't had time to actually do any work which really sucks but what can you do. tomorrow I'm not going anywhere for anybody but will sit here and work my ass off.

ok. gotta go do the next thing.
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