July 26th, 2006


if you had twelve hours to fill

I have the whole day to myself.

that is, I don't have today off, but there is nowhere I need to be at any specific time and so I can structure the day however I want. I need to get a whole bunch of stein read but I'm still feeling drowsy and thinking it might necessitate a whole day's worth of coffee drinking to keep me awake for it and thus I'd have to spend the next few hours caffeinating and doing something else.

I guess working on syllabi for next fall might be a good thing. I also have some summer job stuff pending that I should get out of the way. the most pressing things about the syllabi are that I need desk copies of my textbooks for the usf class, for which I must get in touch with the publisher by email (thankfully not by phone) so I should do that immediately. then I need to think about reading for the sfai class. it has to be quite simple, so I'm thinking of perusing salon.com or thenation.com for archived articles addressing memory and the past as commodity. I think though that I might take advantage of my having studied historical documents of the american frontier for one theme; it seems the original instructor must have been thinking a lot about cultural memory rather than individual memory, although she did say something about personal memoirs. max, maybe I'll make them read your book. I could make them read one of red's too.

the possibilities are endless. reining it in to make a coherent class might be a feat.

I guess first I'll get dressed. the fog came in last night. all the way in. I get to put on pants today.
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