August 12th, 2006



I couldn't be more anxious.

well that's not true. I've been more anxious and it sucks but between flying tomorrow and needing to make sure I take the right things (books, paperwork) and leave the right things (catfood, swiss army knife) I'm all worked up about how to do today. I could just go do laundry with the rest of the mission I guess although that's not a very relaxing activity. I think lisagail's suggestion that I bring a bag of dirty clothes and was them on monday in their in-house washer and dryer might be the way to go with that one. I'll need mostly to wash socks and various types of wicking tshirts including the ones from old navy that I bet the wicking part washes right out of since it is a 'treatment' and not a fabric blend.

I emailed the airport and they answered almost immediately that I can bring my laptop and ipod in my carry-on luggage as long as I'm not flying British Airways. I was surprised to get such a quick answer; I guess it is an advantage of having an airport that sits atop the silicon valley. so although I'm not worried about those anymore I'm still kind of worried that the rules will change overnight. I know the answer would be to call in the morning but as I remarked to my nurse practitioner yesterday afternoon the klonopin is relieving much of my social anxiety but it doesn't have me on the phone yet.

I'm going to have to put my face lotion in my checked bag I guess. I think it's the only liquid I need to take besides testosterone and I might just give myself a really early shot tomorrow and leave it at home. prescription meds are exempted of course but the less hassle the better.

anyway I've got a klonopin under my tongue and another working its way through the hot cereal and milk I had for breakfast so hopefully soon I will be relaxed enough to start figuring out what I want to wear (and wash..) while I am there. a week generally needs two outfits. I mean I can wear the same thing for seven days in a row at home but away I do like to have some leeway in color and look. I think I will take a blue outfit and a brown outfit and then I can also mix and match. I will take one lightweight jacket in case of chill at night. I think I might take all of my silk underwear because it does not take up much volume and then I can wash it all and be done with it.

I'd like to be taking the train but there wasn't really time and money for that. I hate going coach and will likely never do it again unless I absolutely have to.

perhaps an hour of meditation would be a good thing. couldn't hurt.
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(no subject)

cheese for disguising jackson's pills
cat litter
cat food
ziplock bags

wash dishes
sweep kitchen floor
clean dish drain
write instructions for cat care
change cat litter
quarter jackson's pills
take shot sun morning

2 shirts
2 pair pants
flannel pj pants
pj top
light jacket

pill organizer
face lotion
soap (I like my special cedar and sage soap)
T, syringes (in case of delays)
motion sickness bands

power supply

power supply
cables for ipods
accessories for old ipod so that lisagail can decide for herself what to do with them

usb2 pc card

2 textbooks for usf

sticky tabs

if room:
book about marketing the west
america is indian country

am I forgetting anything?

the two klonopin seem to have hit. now I'm merely hyper. which is good. I need to do things.
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now the question is whether to take as checked luggage my duffel bag or backpack.
the duffel bag holds more.
the backpack is easier to carry.
the duffel bag has been through baggage check many times and is a little worn in places.
the backpack has no visible weak points.
the duffle bag is just one big compartment: every sock for himself.
the backpack has little compartments for all sorts of categories of objects.

this is complicated by the possible choice of the small rollaway bag which
looks dorky being hauled down mission street.
is also worn from many trips through baggage check and initial cheapness.
doesn't hold any more than the duffle bag but has hard sides.
when not rolling is difficult to carry.

I'm leaning towards the duffel bag. I wonder what the chances are of its zipper failing and my dirty laundry being blown across the tarmac. I could wrap a couple of straps around it for greater stability.

there's no question as to which bag my books will be in. the checked bag. if I am lucid enough to read onboard the aircraft I will be too busy panicking to read. if I am relaxed enough to read, reading will put me to sleep. I think the ipod will be my friend in fact I ought to download some daily shows to watch. let me see if I can get itunes not to crash when accessing the music store. it almost always crashes and I don't know what the problem is and there are no simple cures anywhere on any of the mac boards that I've looked at.

then I think I will meditate and go to bed and do everything else that needs doing between 6am and 11.
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