August 16th, 2006


way to go

I started this morning by spilling boiling water on my hand--how is not interesting--so now I go into the bathroom every few minutes and run cold water over it and it stops hurting for a little while.

I got up at noon after going to bed at 10:30. it's something about the air in seattle I think. the new little clock radio I bought for traveling with so that I could wake to something that doesn't make me immediately turn it off stopped working. I've had it for two days. the radio light goes on but no sound comes out.

thus I think that soon I need to go return the clock radio and get some aloe for my hand and maybe a little gauze and tape so that it really looks wounded. I'm waiting for the bupe to take the edge off the pain too. it's been since the beginning of this post that I've last poured cold water over it and it is beginning to hurt again.

I think I might not do any work today once my hand is doctored but go for a walk downtown or something, assuming I can get the hand to stop occupying most of my conscious attention. I've yet to go to the relatively new library for instance and downtown is a crazy quilt of consumerism now that was unimaginable back in 87 when we first moved here. why there was still a woolworth's downtown then.


so while finding the packing materials for the clock I decide to try to turn the radio on one last time and of course it works fine. I guess I'll give it one more day in order not to have to be lugging merchandise all over the city. the fingers still hurt though.
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the luxuries of urban life

even though lisagail lives within three blocks of a major shopping corridor she is still surrounded by houses with yards. not everywhere you look, but in lots of places still. I kind of miss it and sometimes when I walk down mission street I think why is it that I live here again?

what I meant to say was that the three blocks between here and walgreens were very painful for my scalded hand so I looked carefully amongst their 'aloe' preparations almost none of which had aloe as the first ingredient but every single one of them contained some sort of alcohol or another. now, when you are trying to medicate burned skin, the one thing you want to do is keep it hydrated. alcohol, of course, with its low evaporative point, dehydrates the skin but I suppose it keeps consumers happy because their 'aloe' lotion drys on their hands fairly quickly.

I was going to buy some anyway when I remembered the natural foods store across the street so I just bought bandaids and hurried across the street still going ow ow ow but there I found so many different kinds of pure aloe I had to simply choose the cheapest one and then I went to a nearby coffeeshop and ordered an iced americano thinking to myself ow ow ow and finally I got to sit down, open the aloe gel tube, and slather it all over my fingers. aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. my god that stuff is magic. I don't understand why it took us amerkins so long to figure out its miraculous healing power for burns. I wrapped bandaids around my fingers and gently rubbed in more aloe from the outside till their little gauze pads were soaked plus I applied it further up my knuckles an starting up the back of my hand.

it all feels much better now although I am typing somewhat gingerly with that hand. it was hurting so bad I was afraid I was going to have to present myself at the group health emergency room but the aloe got it under control. I ::heart:: aloe. I just changed the dressings almost for the pure joy of pouring fresh aloe on the scalds.

anyway. presenting one in a series of reasons why not to make coffee before you've had your coffee.

I think lisagail and einfall and I are having pizza this evening. I wonder how late they will try to make me stay out.

I'm going to track a couple of the rest of you down soon too. today the funk lifted a little. I'm not sure what's going on but it could be one of a hundred or so different things.
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