August 24th, 2006



I'm going on another monsterEnergy jag this evening to see if I can get another corner of my room in order for something like living. I hope it works two nights in a row--remember that weird speed we had that we couldn't figure out how to get high off it? I think we were supposed to heat it and shoot it. that would have been the end of me. not to mention the corrosive effect it would have had on our veins--my gums had a hole in them for months.

anyway we'll see if this does anything but put me right to sleep which is what stimulants will do if you take them at completely the wrong time. they call it a paradoxical reaction but there's nothing paradoxical about it at all: if you are exhausted the drugs wake you up enough to say man you belong in bed.

I wonder if I remembered to take my prozac yesterday.

usually if I forget my prozac I also forget my zyprexa which if I forget it for too long my head will start to hurt and feel a way that I can only describe as as though it were on sideways. 'confused' also names it to a degree. sideways and confused. not to be confused with boxed and drawn. did anyone besides Dave and Joe do that?
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