September 26th, 2006



it is tuesday evening and I am maniacally trying to unwind enough to go to bed having felt some semblance of having had an 'evening.' it occurs to me that getting in at 8:30 on tuesdays and having to be back at the art institute by noon the next day and having to prepare for class at usf that evening is the thing that is stressing me out. I might change my noon office hours to monday but that means of course I'll be panicking monday mornings after staying up late in denial that it's almost monday morning.

there simply is no way to win. maybe I should sit in office hours at the art institute for two hours on tuesday while preparing for class.

at least tomorrow is 'friday.' oh and I get paid! for the first time. you all thought I was working for free. well no I was starting to think that.

any minute now I'll go to bed.

any minute now.
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