October 7th, 2006



not a great deal of reading getting done this aternoon but a fair amount of napping. I moved my plane of focus from the book to the computer screen and that helped for about fifteen minutes after which my head began to drop forward and my eyes close all on their own with no voluntary effort on my part. I think it is time to go outside and walk around a little. I think food might not hurt the struggle to stay awake or at least going to get it could give me a reason to move my legs.

the blue angels are busy tearing through the air 15 feet above the tops of the buildings on my street. you'd think that'd keep me awake but they're more like a snooze alarm.

out with me.
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sleep is my wife

so today I have slept through gertrude stein, a book on OS X Server, and meditation (twice). I'm thinking that bed would not be a bad idea right about now. try again tomorrow sort of thing. if I went to bed now and got up at 7 then I'd have had enough sleep perhaps not to sleep through these things.

I think that is what I will do. I'm supposed to be musing on some things for the sake of wellbeing but until I've had a good night's sleep I don't see much point in it.

nighty night, therefore.
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