November 3rd, 2006



coca cola blak is actually palatable. it basically tastes like sweetened, carbonated coffee. with a hint of caramel--I guess that's the cola part. not bad but I bet it won't fly in peoria. it contains coffee extract and extra caffeine, but nowhere on the label does it say how much caffeine, total, is in it. the downsides are that it is made by coca cola instead of some earth-friendly mom and pop cola company (are there any?) and that it is partially sweetened with aspartame. why they felt they had to add that along with the 'high fructuse corn syrup' (corn sugar) is beyond me. it is a little too sweet and with that aspartame aftertaste.

I could live without ever having another bottle of it. if they'd had this when I was a teenager I'd have become addicted to it. as it was I had for breakfast every morning a 12-oz can of coke and a piece of swiss cheese toast. if there was no coke I would be very cranky until I could get some. I don't think I got coca-cola withdrawal headaches but you couldn't talk to me if there was no coke in the fridge when I got up.

these days because I am more able to take care of myself, there is always coffee in the house before morning.
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