November 4th, 2006



I walked three and a half miles today after leaving the house to go thrifting in the haight for a leather jacket but due to various buses in dereliction of duty I wound up stuck downtown which meant old navy mostly and then nordstrom rack, two miles away. the old navy leather jackets went back up $20 to $140 which is more than I want to spend (I know it's leather and leather is expensive but need it be really? I mean we kill a hell of a lot of cows--how rare could leather be?) so I tried on a few other things and although some things sort of fit and one shirt was only six dollars I refrained from buying anything simply because I buy way too much shit at old navy anymore.

granted they are starting to make better informed fashion choices than they once did but the shoulders of the shirts are still lacking in extra fabric making your arms stick way out of your sleeves if you hold them out forward from your body and the pants are still just baggy enough not to be stylishly baggy but just to be slightly baggier than really looks good for what they are trying to do. I think the vanity sizing and the fashion sense are working at cross purposes. if the waist of a 34 is going to be authentically tight there is no reason for the thighs to be that loose unless you are trying to be baggy.

so there are all the reasons I should stop buying old navy clothes besides the whole sweat shop issue. the new rule is if you don't fall in love with it you don't buy it.

so then I waited for a bus to the haight for about fifteen minutes before losing patience and thinking when the bus did come there would be a million people on it so instead of continuing to wait for what would surely be an unpleasant bus ride I set off on foot for nordstrom rack, two miles away.

what I did there is relatively uninteresting except that I fell in love with a pair of jeans and a shirt that looked really good with them so I bought them. nordstrom rack is the shit. have I mentioned that the thought has occurred to me that it would be cheaper if I brought my camera and took photos of myself in all the clothes that looked good on me rather than buying the clothes. I might have to do that soon if I want to go on any sort of vacation this winter.

or pay rent in january. january will be the month of no paychecks. what the fuck is an academic supposed to do for the four weeks off?

but so now my feet are very sore and I am wondering if the flesh in your heels compresses as you get older so as to become less cushioning because my heels hurt like someone has been hitting them with little concrete hammers. I wore my most cushioned boots other than my hiking boots which perhaps I should test out in the city anyway to see if they are going to be reliable. in any case I am wishing I had a footstool in my room to put my feet up on.

that and dozing off. I think it could be bedtime. I guess it was enough of a day.
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