November 8th, 2006


cutest pitpup in the world

I'm not a big fan of pit bulls not because I am afraid of them but because they usually just don't do it for me aesthetically. as dogs I've known sweet ones and crazy ones and mistreated ones and my pit bull rant generally goes the same way that doberman rants had to go for awhile and before that german shepherd rants which is that some dog breeds are more aggressive than others, but to make them vicious you have to mistreat them terribly. there is no 'super-aggressive' dog breed. there are some really cruel people raising miserable attack animals for fun.

just so you know. behaviorally pit bulls have rarely been a problem anywhere I worked and it's not the reputation that makes them not my favorite dog.

but this pit bull puppy is the cutest pitbull pup I've ever seen, and overall one of the cutest of all puppies everywhere! you simply must click, unless you are a watcher of baaaaabyanimals in which case you've met him already.

anyway I just had to share.
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