December 3rd, 2006


something like an ad

I need a car. because my credit cards don't work anymore I can't rent from a regular rental agency. I have, however a stellar driving record--I actually do drive fairly often with citycarshare; I just don't own a car of my own.

I have about $300 that I'd be happy to pay anyone who would let me take a car of theirs approximately 2000 miles (to the mojave desert and back) sometime during the first two weeks of january. I can't deliver anyone's car to southern california; I need to be able to drive while I am there and then get me and all my camping gear back here. I'd return the car with a fresh professional wash and a full tank of gas. the smaller the car, the better.

anyone have an idea? or a car?

would craigslist be likely to yield me what I am looking for?

I don't quite have enough capital to just buy a very used car and then sell it when I returned, although I am considering trying that.
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