January 11th, 2007


all over but the snoring

so I spent my birthday having crepes, shopping at old navy and the buffalo exchange, and then coming home and listening to/downloading old videos. it started with a bunch of psychedelic furs videos and then I had to see public image do public image as it is perhaps the first video that caught my eyes and ears in the 688 club in atlanta whose logo looked suspiciously like PiL's logo but back then it was secret code for punk rock and only a few people in the city were going every friday and saturday night like I was. and then I had to find laurie anderson's original o superman video and well this just turned into a nostalgia fest where I kept typing in band names and being met with various memories.

I still wish I could find a copy of that film with limbo district in it. if anyone anywhere has any idea what I am talking about and can point me to one I'd be eternally grateful.

it is now late and I have turned the volume down. I did not find videos for songs from the cure's pornography or from faith. I don't know if they exist actually. I forgot to look for OMD videos but I think I have to go to bed now and continue the loafing tomorrow. because I am old and time goes by to quickly and because I have been sleeping late, from now on my birthday lasts two days instead of just one.

I just noticed that my menubar clock has disappeared. I think I should restart my machine.

I can't believe they came out with the iphone a mere six months after I bought a video ipod. I wonder if I will ever be able to afford one of these things. I will of course have to have one, eventually.

I need a benefactor. anyone see anyone looking to fund a starving artist sort of intellectual type please direct them to my journal.

thank you and goodnight
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