July 22nd, 2007


psa iv

I encourage anyone reading to take a look at one of the latest executive orders issued by the Bush Administration.

Do some research on it. You might start here. Or read some editorializing from Alexander Cockburn. google "executive order blocking property iraq" and see what the blogosphere is saying.

Then formulate your own opinion on it and write to your senators and your representative.

I'd show you my letter but I copied something else before I could paste it here. d'oh.
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psa iv.v

it might interest more conservatively-minded readers that the former Reagan Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Paul Craig Roberts has this to say about the general tenor of political maneuvering on the part of on Administration in danger of having time run out on them.

it's not all crazed liberal rants. there are some crazed conservative ones too.

I don't know whether to get a passport or an assault rifle. will san francisco take arms and declare itself a city state unto itself? how about the entire west coast? will they need a militia?
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