August 11th, 2007


I think it works well enough for now

my website is finally up. I think. I mean I think it is all working pretty much serviceably if not always just exactly the way I want it to but there will be plenty of time for tweaking although really I must move onto other things if it is really ok.

so if you go to and click through the annoying index page (I may or may not keep it but everyone and his uncle has one I just don't know if it is really annoying or just gives people a minute to say. wait. how did I get here. who is this.

thus alternatively you can go straight to the menu and click on various things and you will see what has been updated and what has not, really.

the important thing to know is that the long-awaited (by the millions teeming in my head, at least) blog is behind menu.php > witness > eriktrips.

you can also get to it just by typing in your address bars.

I will strive to put things worth reading in there. I hope that it doesn't end up a full time job, keeping up with one's own blog. livejournal is something else entirely, you know.

right now I must go eat. I am not entirely certain I can make it to the taqueria at this point but I must try. I simply cannot stomach another bowl of cereal.
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