July 19th, 2008


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so now that social websites all feed into one another and I've linked my lj to facebook and tribe.net and I might go on and see where else I can whore myself to the internet, I've reset my client to post publicly and now will have to exercise some sort of discretion as to when to pull back into my little lj world alone. I mean, not alone, but, you know, in lj solely all by myself with all of you. I mean, not all of you, but--oh you know what I mean!

basically, the word is that if you really want to know me at my most freaked out and confused, you'll have to set up a livejournal account and pester me to add you to my friends list there. I do expect I'll have to keep certain things under wraps even though my life is an open book. wait till the autobiography comes out, I guess; then there will no longer be anyplace to hide.

I should finish writing it.

the sleep experiment is going very well in that when I let my body sleep whenever it wants my waking time is energetic and--get this--happy after 3pm--er, when awake at 3pm that is. it's the weirdest thing. my circadian day is somewhat unpredictable. I've had four 27.5-hour "days," a 21.5-hour day, and a 22.5-hour day, a "day" being counted as the start of one long sleep to the start of the next long sleep. it seems I like to sleep 6-7 hours, go back to bed about four hours later for 2-3 hours, then stay up for a varying length of time. the rest of the world siestas in the afternoon; I siesta in the morning, relative to when I wake up. I just got out of bed an hour ago. this was my latest nap yet. I don't know if I will be up till dawn tomorrow or what, but if I am still awake and have any energy at 5am I'm going to do laundry. I wonder if the families who do laundry on the way to church get there that early. probably not, eh?

the hardest part about this is getting things done that need to be done during business hours. right now, for instance, I need to get dressed and go get groceries. although rainbow grocery is open till 9pm, other places aren't--and who knows what else I might "need."

hm. what do I need. time to make a list. and have coffee. good morning!