July 21st, 2008


night for day

I've been up since 9:30 last night. I think I might go to bed soon, but I can't say I feel particularly tired yet. this last cycle was an odd one: I went to bed at 2:30am sat nite/sun morning, woke at 9:30am and didn't "nap" until 6pm, waking at the abovementioned 9:30 last night. I guess the 27.5 (so far)-hour cycle is not new. I just didn't expect to be awake so much of the day and then the night too. I'm trying to wind down since I do have therapy tomorrow but not till 4pm, so I have a little time to catch some sleep. since "long sleep" seems to run about six hours, I've still got a little time to play with.

I almost went and did laundry at 4 but it took an hour and a half to put my laundry together while trying to make very little noise. by the time I was done I thought that it was likely that I'd fall dead asleep in the laundromat so now it's all packed up and I can just go tomorro--er, tonight. chances are my tomorrow will run from midnight tonight till midday on tuesday.

this is working so well I wish I'd tried it before. I hope that whatever kind of work I can scrounge up will allow me to stay with this. I'm getting twice as much stuff done and I'm about, oh, three times happier not paying the slightest bit of attention to the clock except to note my sleep times. the cats are a little confused since I seem to be coming up to join them at random times, but I don't think they care too much. it's not like I used to sleep with them all day up there. thing is, santiago sees me up and he thinks it is time to be chased up and down the hall. um, not at 4am little fellow. sorry. have some catnip.

yeah here goes. I can tell that if I don't get up in bed soon I am liable to pass out here at my desk for several hours, which is not good for my body in so many ways that it is almost like not sleeping at all except the hours are still deducted from my waking allotment. so, um, good morning to all, and to all a good night. if anyone needs me, tell them to come back around noon or so. phone: off. world: better be quiet.