September 19th, 2008


Political Post: "Palin, Gothard, and dog-whistles to dominionists"

dark_christian's dogemperor has done an enormous amount of research into the neo-pentocostal movement in the US and its roots in dominionist theology. dogemperor's experience with pentocostal churches is from the inside: having once been a believer and now a walkaway.

dogemperor's latest article, posted in various venues, makes clearer the links between some fairly innocuous-sounding programs, "Joel's Army"-style recruitment of "God Warriors," and some of the local propositions pushed by Sarah Palin while mayor of Wasilla. There are many links; I recommend following them, because they make clear the doublespeak that allows extreme beliefs to pass for "plain folk wisdom" and a certain appealling type of "populism" that, once researched, turns out to be for specific populations only.

PSA: cheap cure for cancer? NOT a tabloid story, honest! reports that researchers at the University of Alberta has discovered that a cheap, relatively safe drug kills most cancers. Chances are most pharmaceutical companies will pass up the opportunity to do further research since little profit could be made from the drug, which means that most research will probably be done by Universities, financed by both private and public funding.

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