October 13th, 2008


up early. now what.

when you go to bed at 7 you get up at 3. or that's what you do if you are me and it is a certain time between shots. I might nap a little later, might not. who knows.

it's hard to know what to do when you are up this early. I was listening to Brahm's German Requiem in my last dream before waking so I've put it on but it is difficult to listen to classical music in the middle of the night because of the immense changes in volume. I have to keep adjusting it so that I can hear it without waking anyone. I know I could use earphones but I like also being able to hear the silence outside of my room and with earphones it always sounds like the whole world is involved in your music. which can be kind of cool on its own but it's not what I want right now.

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    Brahms, Johannes - A German Requiem