November 12th, 2008



I have work to do tonight, but I thought I'd let everyone know I made it back from san diego all in one piece. visiting with lisagail and s was fun. we didn't do a whole lot but they were in a rental condo above the beach in the pacific beach neighborhood. the ocean's roar floated up through the window at night in a most soothing way; I could live like that, easily. on monday we walked down the beach to the end of the boardwalk where there is an ancient wooden rollercoaster. s and I wanted to ride and talked lisagail into riding with us. she closed her eyes through the whole thing and was find while s and I watched and had a great ride but got off rubbing our necks and heads and stomachs. it was fun but I guess I'm too old to have my head and neck popped around like that. ow!

so I missed a couple of NaBloPoMo days but I'm still going to keep at it the rest of the month. Here is today's post; it's an important story, so go read it! I mean, if you weren't already planning to. :)

ok I must finish cereal then work. work work work.
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