December 18th, 2008


pulling all the stops

I just posted four prints for sale at etsy. it is much cheaper to list stuff there than on ebay and since it is art and most people think art is for chumps I don't expect to lose quite as much money there as I did trying to sell my prints on ebay. I'm selling full color stuff this time; I might also list my black and white drawings after I have enough money in the bank to go buy good paper to print them on.

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daily report

turns out aquarius records won't buy cd's for cash anymore; only credit. well that's all well and good but I don't need credit to buy tons of music now. so I'm going to have to haul my stash down to amoeba, hopefully tomorrow but maybe not till saturday. thing about amoeba is they have a much larger inventory, so it's possible I could sell my whole collection to them. I'll have to think about that. maybe I'll just start small. I only want to haul so much on the bus. taking a city carshare car would completely defeat the purpose of selling the cds.

buffalo exchange took a fairly large bite out of my clothing pileup though, so I was able to buy food for myself and the cats. the trip to aquarius was so quick that I just came back, plopped down the bag of cds, and picked up the bags of clothes. back out the door. I think I've walked about three miles already today and I haven't been more than four blocks from my house.

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