December 19th, 2008


eating time

I napped from 5 to 9 this morning as I have to wait for PG&E to light our pilot light today. they will be here sometime between 1 and 5, theoretically, but I will probably try to stay awake till 6pm or whenever sandy comes home, depending on how tired I get. I was up most of the night. I may end up not doing any reading out tonight either, unless I can make do with a short nap between 6 and 10. we'll see.

I'm sort of taking the day off. since I am usually asleep, no one is expecting to hear from me anyway, and I need some time to just goof off without pressure from anywhere. I can't leave the house to run errands or anything, which is a nice excuse to.. not run errands or anything. :)

watch the gas company show up at 1 sharp and then I'll be like, well, should I go back to bed or continue to lounge? I suppose I could try to read and let that question answer itself when I either do or don't fall asleep from reading.

so, here I am on the internet during the day. place looks brighter, somehow..
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