December 27th, 2008


not quite there

I was going to pull some books together to sell this morning but as I started going through them and choosing ones I figure I will never read again I started thinking wait! what if I need this for teaching (if I ever teach again)? and wait! I really should read this one again. and wait! I know it's been sitting here since I bought it but I am going to get to this one soon. I really am! and wait!

and I think you see where this is going.

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PSA: transgendered women under seige in Memphis

The following is a press release from the

Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition

Another Transgender Woman Shot in Memphis

[I think at this point probably the best action to take would be to get in touch with the TTGPAC (contact info at the end of the story) to see what resources they need to put however much pressure is necessary on the city of Memphis and on federal law enforcement to ensure that these murders are investigated fully, with expedience, and without prejudice.

One can also very easily find contact information for the City of Memphis and the Memphis Police Department by googling them, but my personal opinion is that they don't give two shits about the lives of these women and that pressure needs to come from outside and above.

The FBI Hate Crimes Division also maintains contact and action information online.

The HRC shows no sign of having noticed what is going on in Memphis. They aren't going to do diddly. Don't expect them to care.]

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