January 1st, 2009


new years day report

I had breakfast with b this morning, who is thinking of taking a job in hong kong. she got laid off from her old job but got two offers from elsewhere in the company almost right away. I hope she doesn't go, but how many times does one get an offer to work in hong kong?

the streets are littered with people propped up on each other and wobbling down the sidewalks. a number of them are obviously still up. the diners especially are packed with them, all trying to drown their hangovers in eggs and hashbrowns. we got to breakfast early (9:30--early for new year's day) so did not have to fight for a table.

afterwards I took a bunch more of my cds up to amoeba for more pin money to get me through till I start working later next week. or the week after; we are meeting on the 8th but my birthday is the 10th so there'll be no working that weekend for me! my birthday is a national holiday--in the nation of erik. and it generally lasts for at least three days. I used to really love having my birthday spaced out just far enough from xmas to prolong the festivities but jan 11 is major comedown day. which is why I often let myself have an after-birthday day as well. eventually I get back to business, whatever that might be.

now I am in my pajamas and about to crawl up to bed to read myself to sleep. I napped from 1am to 7am this morning so am a bit tired and would like to get a nice chunk of sleep this afternoon if at all possible. I myself had nothing to drink last night but fizzy water and I didn't really mean to stay up that late but I was enjoying the poetry I was reading (others' poetry, from a book, to myself in my house) until suddenly I was falling asleep so I kicked off my socks and went to bed. at 7 my body said ok let's get up and I was like ok why not.

new year's day may be my favorite national holiday--it's one day I can do absolutely nothing guilt free and since I don't do the chemical alteration part of new year's eve anymore I don't have to suffer with a hangover, which as we all know comes with a certain portion of guilt all its own.

later I might see who is open that can sell me a real burrito instead of a frozen one. depends on when I wake up.
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