January 6th, 2009


Recommended listening from the BBC-Children of the [Iranian] Revolution

"This series explores what life offers to Iran's burgeoning young population who are trapped by conservatism and an ailing economy. In the first programme, we hear how the war with Iraq acted as a continuation of the Revolution."

Part Two: "In Iran, the constant drugs crisis and loss of skilled workers contrast with a lively internet scene which harbours poets, political dissidents and religious leaders."

sinking feeling

I do hope that this doesn't mean LJ is going to crumble to little pieces in the near future. I've archived most of my posts through about last November, so finishing that job is not a big deal but this place has become so complex in the various connections I keep here that losing it would be a life-altering semi-catastrophe.

just for future reference, I also hang out, sort of, on facebook. same nick. if LJ craps out, I'll at least post as to my whereabouts over there. I'd appreciate it if you all would tell me what your other virtual homes are, or at least the hotels you occasionally stay in for a couple of days at a time.

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but I don't want to buy a new journal pt ii

here is another entry about a specific layoff in the SUP offices. I only link to it because of the comments; there are a couple of links for automated journal archiving and mention of another project called Dreamwidth, which is still in development, but maybe with some support.. well, who knows. oh and I'm not eriktrips on facebook after all; I'm just plain Erik Schneider (yes that's me giving out identifying information freely on the web. at this point I'm very easy to find so it's not a big deal).

I wonder if our russian overlords are going to reassure us at any point. I wonder if they can. isn't it great how the global market allows the best ideas to flourish worldwide? (that's me thumping all the Ayn Rand fans on the head. not that I expect there are many among you.)

a box at vox (on an ox with a fox?)

so I now have a personal blog at vox, Six Apart's "other" LJ. whatever happens here, I dunno how many people will want to invest time and energy into social networking on another Six Apart project, but it is somewhat cozily familiar in look n feel. it's possible to create groups and stuff. so. I dunno, but there's my outpost for the time being.

getting around

this is a test post originating from facebook within the Blog It application. it should show up on LJ, Vox, and in my facebook "mini-feed," which I didn't realize I had. mini-feed? ok.

hello, world!