January 11th, 2009


On Vox: rocking chair birthday

so for my birthday weekend I slept: here is a graphic representation of my sleep patterns over the last two days. 16 of the last 24 hours: asleep.

am I really getting that old or was last week that exhausting? maybe a bit of both. I'm to try to see the new psychiatrist in the morning. I Do Not Want To Go, but she's only there mondays and fridays so if I put it off I'm putting it off by four more days and there are at least a couple of reasons why I don't really want to do that. guess at 8:30am I'll gulp some klonopin and go, although I suppose it is good to look and act as exhausted and dodgy as I actually am if I'm trying to get an accurate assessment of functionality level.

blarg. I was awake earlier today and it was being sunday so bad that I just went back to bed. slept from 1pm to almost 7. now it is night. I should eat and go get more groceries for the long haul overnight. sunday night is so much better than sunday day. hard to explain that one but it's true. if sunday annoys you, try sleeping through it and then staying up all night. even if you have to work the next day, I bet you'll feel better. and you'll sleep very soundly monday night! :)

yup. that's my prescription for the sunday blues.

a long walk at midnight might help too, but be careful which neighborhoods you choose to walk through.

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