June 8th, 2009



so I have just over six hours before I must leave for the airport. I napped from noon to 6:30 and will probably take one half-hour nap here in about another hour. the napping has to be done with some precision if one is to get by on less sleep than normal. I should start averaging my time awake/asleep again to see if this method of sleeping is actually generating extra waking time or just extra groggy time, cause there is a lot of that, too.

I sometimes wish you could hire someone to get you ready for a trip. not that I could afford to pay anyone, but if someone else could take the recycling out, clean up the cat feeding area, pick out my clothes and pack them, count pills etc, I'd be really happy to nap while they did all that.

oh well.

there is no telling what I will end up wearing while I am there. I have to take 3 shirts minimum because one is always either soaking wet with sweat or drying and another is always almost dry, leaving me with one actually to put on my body. that and I tend to wear two layers on top, so that really means three inner layer shirts and three outer layer shirts for a total of six. plus something warm to sleep in. socks. underwear. pills computer ipod cell phone with power supplies for all but pills.

I do have a separate list. I am just trying to put my head into some kind of order, like, what should I do next. nap? probably feed cats. I think I will feed the cats. after that, I'm not sure, but it will be something productive or sleep so that I can then get up and be productive.

aaaaaaaaaah! I have to fly but if I take any klonopin now I will fall asleep and not wake up till too late to get to the airport. that would be tragic.

ok. here goes.
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