June 9th, 2009



another airport hotspot for another $7.99 for another half an hour before the plane boards. when will they ever give us free wireless in the airport? but then why do I feel compelled to buy a day pass even when boarding is imminent?

so along about 7am PDT all buoyant thoughts directed towards the west coast would be appreciated. you know the drill. there are a couple of klonopin on board but this is the first time I've flown in a long time without a xanax chaser. not that it matters--klonopin is long-acting but it still kicks in pretty quickly on an empty stomach. and my stomach is empty. in fact I could use some food but after paying airport prices for internet I'm not going to pay airport prices for a bagel.

have I mentioned how much I hate flying?

now that I have logged on, I think I need to log off to visit the men's room one last time. nothing worse than a window sitter who needs the restroom on an hour flight. I'll be getting on close to first: last row.

ok. I can do this.
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I am now on the ground in Seattle and because I have been sleeping completely ad-hoc hours I feel jet lagged. partially this comes from sedating myself and the adrenaline rush that still manages to creep through all that on takeoff and landing, but it also has something to do with having been up since 3am.

it seems to be time to nap. I am not yet used to the idea of being on "vacation," although I think I have to pick up at least a couple of editing jobs while I am here.

breakfast was trail mix and fizzy water. not bad, really. later I'll walk to whole foods. I have lisagail's place to myself most of the day as she had to go in to work after picking me up. she's working into the evening so I get to pretend I live here and do whatever the hell I want.

laundry. that's one thing I'm going to do. I did bring clean underwear but the outerwear I brought is getting a bit skeezy.

so, um, you all can put the plane down now. thanks for your help!
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