June 21st, 2009


that's just sick

in other news, my sinuses are under attack from whatever I picked up that one single time I did not wash my hands in the airport bathroom. oh, stupid me. wash your hands every time you see a sink if you are out in public.

I'm pretty sure it is just a cold, as I only feel mildly crappy. or a sinus infection, which I never get. my eyes ache. I don't think I've had an eyeache before.

for now I'll just say that it could be worse, but I want whatever cruel little deity is listening to understand that it is not to get any worse for my having written that down.

I have papers to edit. I have stuff to do.

on the other hand, I am less depressed about life in general when I am depressed because I am sick. but unfortunately life in general still needs to be dealt with.


I actually slept most of last night after sleeping most of yesterday so have been up today. I'm sure it was the bug that made me sleepy. soon I will hit the hay again for however long I possibly can unless it turns out that I cannot breathe lying down in which case I will simply sleep in my chair because HA I can do that now.

that is all.
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sleep techne

now the question: sleep in bed or in chair? I slept all night last night after sleeping all day yesterday, due no doubt to whatever cursed virus I am now carrying. so it is night and I am going to bed, oddly enough.

pros for sleeping in chair:
easier to breathe from supported upright position.
won't get snot all over pillow and face.

pros for sleeping in bed:
total horizontality.
both cats.

cons for sleeping in chair:
can cause back pain.
only one cat--jackson will not sit on me.
might get snot all down shirt.
if chest becomes congested it will just sit down there and slowly fill my lungs till I drown--don't laugh; it almost happened with the flu last year. but this isn't the flu I don't think.

cons for sleeping in bed:
breathing will be a problem and it is already a problem so it will be a worse problem as I have no control over what weird positions I might sleep in.
head hurts now and will hurt worse if I lie down.
will get snot all over pillow and face.

I'm going to start in the chair and see where I go from there.

nighty night.
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