June 22nd, 2009



so last night I spent most of the night in my chair. soon I am going to sleep for however long, still in the chair. I did go up to bed at one point but woke up from a dream in which I could not breathe and knew I could not breathe because I was asleep and Really Could Not Breathe! it was scary. I won't be sleeping horizontally till whatever is messing with my sinuses has gone far, far away.

this morning I woke up feeling much better: everything had drained, head didn't hurt, no coughing or sneezing. but as the day progresses the headache/eyeache has come back and I'm getting a little drippy again so I think sleep therapy is indicated. nan even told me I should go to the doctor tomorrow night if my head is still clogged. I've never had a sinus infection before but have had head colds aplenty, and this feels a bit different from all of those. the whole sinus-pushing-your-eyeball-out-of-your-skull thing is new to me. what else is a sign of a sinus infection? I'm not really exuding much snot and what little there is is clear. don't sinus infections usually mean gross crap comes out of your nose?

anyway. no one is obliged to help me with this somewhat disgusting question. I can google it.

that's all really. there is other drama in my life but I do not have the energy to deal with it.

oh crap. I have a paper to edit. guess I'm not sleeping just yet. crap crap crap.

hm. maybe a short nap, then edit, then sleep for however long. it's not due till 2am. maybe I'll set the alarm for 1am to give myself exactly one hour.

ok that really is all for the time being. nighty night.
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