June 27th, 2009


late night

I am up late today after the trans march yesterday. I did nap a bit overnight because I only got four hours of sleep yesterday afternoon but am planning on a bit more here in just a moment. I would have gotten to bed a little earlier but I had this paper to edit and I kept falling asleep so I decided just to take another nap and then finish it but my body thought it was time for bed and so once I woke up I had the hardest time staying awake and so it took forever but now I believe it is time to go to bed. really this time.

the trans march was quite odd this year. we left Dolores Park and headed east on 18th street instead of towards either Market Street or the Castro, then we turned south on Valencia Street, walked to about 26th street and turned west again. I thought we were going to go back to the park but for some reason the march just stopped at 26th and Guerrero and there we were about 3000 trans* people in the middle of the street. I do not know who knew what if anything was going on, but after a little while the motorcycle cops leading/holding us in place just left. They just got on their bikes and went away! so then a portion of the marchers headed down Guerrero to Cesar Chavez and then south on Mission. at that point H and I left them. we were not at all sure where they were headed. I should look for some news today to see if we took over Bernal Heights or the Excelsior or what. weird march.

but fun! lots of interesting people. I took several videos that I will get off my camera after I wake up tonight and see if there are good stills to extract.

tonight I will sit out the Dyke March because I cannot take three days in a row of this stuff. Sunday morning will head down to the big parade before it gets started because that is the best time to take pictures, with everyone showing up in whatever outlandish costume they thought up this year and all excited to get going. once it starts it is often somewhat anticlimactic, especially after the third hour of yet more political office holders in boring cars waving at the crowd so we will vote for them. by then I'll have headed home.

and thus will end another pride weekend. this will be number 26 for me. I try not to think about what that means.

it is hot out according to the weatherunderground. all the more reason to stay inside. my loft will get hot and I will probably wake up around 4 and need to come back downstairs. in fact maybe I should sleep on the daybad--I think S may have left for the day meaning I can sleep in the living room without cramping anyone's style.

I have nothing (else) of interest to say. I guess this means it is time to go to bed. nighty night.