July 1st, 2009


happy t-day

today is my T-birthday: on July 1, 1997 I received my first testosterone injection. I thought it had been thirteen years but I guess it's only been twelve. still, I'm getting up there in trans-years, which start at about age 13 and run about twice as fast as the calendar years do.

although I did get carded for beer in Seattle when I was there. so maybe I am growing up more slowly than I think I am. I no longer feel 18, though. well, that's not quite true either: my rather poorly integrated ego ranges in age from about 7 to something like 110.

in any case, it's my T-birthday and so I must think of something appropriate to do. like go see a movie with lots of car chases and explosions. my shot is due today, though, and unless I take it early, I won't really be all greased up for that sort of thing. it might be more of a museum day or even a stay home and write poetry day.

or maybe I'll walk to a museum, go in, then sit in a gallery and write. that sounds almost nauseatingly artsy doesn't it? it could be good though. must give this some thought.

first some guitar scales.

well, first coffee. I just woke up. I am diurnal today. didn't mean to be, but that's what the body apparently wanted.

back to bed

well that didn't last long. I don't know what my body is up to but it wants to go back to bed so I will let it. although I am not sure if bed is where I will go or if I will sleep in my chair. remove clothing or leave it on? that is the question.

maybe after a nap I will have something like energy with which to.. do something. or maybe today is a sleep-all-day day. I could do with one of those but it still bums me out to lose the waking time.

wonder when I will wake up for the duration.