July 2nd, 2009


Harvey Milk Day in CA

Found the following on no_on_prop_8 and thought I should pass it along. If you are a CA voter, please do this--it is very easy and even I with my phonophobia was able to do it without increasing my heart rate. :)

I only had to redial three times to go from busy signal to phone ring. it's well worth the miniscule investment of time.

Call the Governor for Harvey Milk Day

The other side is flooding the Governor’s office with calls to stop Harvey Milk Day from becoming reality.

Please, pick up the phone and call the Governor’s office right now. Follow the prompts to support SB 572 (Leno), the Harvey Milk Day bill.

1. Dial (916) 445-2841.

2. Press 1 to continue in English. [Or wait till your preferred language is listed]

3. Press 2 to voice your opinion on legislation.

4. Press 1 to voice your opinion on SB 572, the Harvey Milk Day Bill.

5. Press 1 to support the legislation.

Calling takes less than a minute–you don’t even have to talk to anyone.