August 24th, 2009


beautiful noise

I have become addicted to, where a talented and dedicated recorder of various types of steady noise has made available her quite astonishing recordings. I mean maybe I'm a noob at this genre, but I've slowly been collecting her custom 1-hr mp3s, named such things as "Lavatory 3am," or "Sleepy Car Ride" (recorded on the trans-Canada highway!) or my favorite, "Early Winter Wilderness," and no matter what I am doing it is easier to do it if they are constantly playing in my ears. I've been sleeping with earphones in and working with headphones on and even reading with the things playing and it's the most soothing thing ever. So in case, you know, your sedatives aren't working, I recommend this website wholeheartedly. The mp3's come with a lifetime money back guarantee! she also employs animated .gifs charmingly. that's quite a trick.

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