September 20th, 2009


thanks body.

well now I'm kind of annoyed. despite getting eight hours of deep sleep yesterday afternoon I fell asleep again around 3am thinking I'd nap but I ended up sleeping for six more hours. now I'm wide awake, I didn't get my early morning time and instead it is almost Sunday afternoon on a warm sunny day.

I guess I'll just take the klonopin now. if you are new to my journal you might not know this but sunny warm Sunday afternoons are the dark night of the soul in my universe. or worse. they're the southern baptist convention held in a shadeless field on a humid july day of the soul.

I'll be needing lots of fizzy water too.

maybe I should go to the library. it's air conditioned and there must be something I'd like to read that I haven't already got here somewhere. then I could get exercise and asylum.
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