November 10th, 2009


another hello

So I'm just going to remind you all that I am trying to do NaBloPoMo over at blog@eriktrips and to let you know that I restored the important parts of the three lost posts. Lost anyone's comments though. Cannot do anything about that.

Since I have pretty much made it into a poetry blog and since I am in the middle of experimenting with abstraction in poetry the things I have been posting run from text files to scanned-in drawings, and it is only the 10th. I have no idea what else I will post. Everyday I think of something slightly different and I have yet to hit upon the thing that feels the most like writing something without writing anything.

I suspect that this sort of writing, like appearance that is not the appearance of a particular thing or like any other event since these are events and not things, cannot be expressed within writing of any kind or make an appearance on the page because it is more akin to the act of putting a thing on a page but it is not "an act" either in that it is not something that can be recuperated with a simple noun like "act." Or "event." These are shorthand and point elsewhere than their usual referents. The writing I am thinking of is an infinite repetition of discrete occurrences that are neither particular nor generic but sort of both in a way.

But so it is leading me into abstraction because writing in this sense is at least not connected strongly with language although it may be indistinguishable with the unconscious of language or language's primary process or the event of speaking. It may seem that one could say that all of these practices—writing, speaking, appearing—occur as the result of some event that repeats itself except that it does not repeat itself but begins again over and over and over even if only very slightly different from the last event of appearance or writing or speaking.

At least, this is how I want it to be. I will freely admit to a prejudice against anything that tends toward monotheism, which lurks as a consequence of proposing a transcendent event that is separate from the particular. but I want these events to occur as neither particular events nor as a universal event but as singularities and of course this is Deleuze speaking more than anyone else but it is important to me to reemphasize that there is no such thing as repetition. The same, but just a little different. That's Gershom Scholem as quoted by Giorgio Agamben but first you heard Gertrude Stein.

I am beginning to feel as if I should be posting this over there. Perhaps I will. but I will leave off the part where I tell you about my day:

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