December 18th, 2009


better all the time. for now, anyway.

Instead of staring at the internet, I've been reading actual books. Well, some of them are in .pdf's on my hard drive, but they were at one time published on paper. In fact I am thinking of cleaning up my old Powerbook just to put readings on it so that I have a beaten-up laptop to haul around as a portable library. This one is all wired in to various harddrives and speakers and hubs and crap so I cannot easily move it from my desk to my lap, but the Powerbook could easily be made autonomous in that regard. I even bought a new battery for it not long before I bought this machine, so unless sitting there unused for several months has had a deleterious effect on said battery, it might still hold a charge. Can't afford another new one, so it'll have to do, whatever it can do.

No I cannot afford a Kindle or a Sony reader either. It's Powerbook or paperbackbook for me. The main problem with the Powerbook is its broken screen frame; the screen is fine, but the bottom right corner of the metal frame is held together with a binder clip. I could probably put a small machine screw through it, but I am afraid of drilling a little hole lest I hit some essential electronic part. I imagine there is a safety margin but I'd have to do some research to find out what/where it was. Maybe that would be a good thing to do over xxxxxxmas.

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