December 30th, 2009


everybody does it

on the way back from the grocery store just now I saw a flyer saying "Are You Eligible for Food Stamps?" with the address of a local neighborhood resource center on it. I hadn't thought of going there to apply. I knew I was going to apply after my last SFAI paycheck, and it seems that that may already have occured, unless they are going to surprise me on Monday. that would be nice, but I am not counting on it. so I looked up the email address for this center and asked them a few questions. you know I won't call them. if they haven't answered my email by tomorrow morning I will go over there and see if they are open. if they aren't, there's yet another resource center on the same street two blocks further down. or up. I get confused here because downtown is north of here, or "up" on a map that caters to northern hemisphere dwellers. I've never lived south of downtown before, so downtown has always been down.

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