April 1st, 2010


I Remember Will 1.5

Woke up today just barely able to croak out a low E and so decided to re-record all the vocals and then do a complete remix of everything and the result has taken the place of the old mix in my sixtyone song list. I learned a little about how to use a multiband compressor although I should probably read up on what all of the sliders actually do in terms of the sound waves themselves rather than just going down the list moving them this way and that to see what happens. I don't really know if it is possible to get exactly what you want out of something like this or if it isn't always a matter of at least some good fortune but it might be good to try to find out, eh?

Yeah. So I think I am going to write a little now and then maybe fall asleep although I have no idea what schedule I am on. I slept most of the time I expected to be up yesterday and so am up tonight when I expected to be asleep. The body is unpredictable.