June 19th, 2010


A lost weekend in a single day

I sat at my computer for 24 hours straight yesterday. Er, 24 hours in a row.

Which is to say I got up in the middle of the night on Thursday night and stayed up until after midnight Fri/Sat.

And then I slept for 13 hours.

I sort of like this, because with a 24-hour day you can squeeze a whole bunch in, but "yesterday" I squoze in a bunch of internetting. I did work on my autobiography, and it is going pretty well although I have a ton of editing ahead of me and some rewriting to boot, but it feels good just to have finally found what I think will be the environment I need in which to edit a bunch of random bits of interjection into something like a book-resembling entity.

It still won't look anything like a normal book but that is ok.

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I think I'll have some more coffee and maybe read for a little while. After it gets dark I can just bundle up and stay mostly comfortable outside because there is no sun to make my body think it is hot. Another reason I like living at night. If I am about to have another 36-hour sleep/wake cycle, though, I will have to get moving again in not too much longer.

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